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Just In: New 2022 Trends and Insights on Online Business

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This is commentary of the editorial writer. This article was originally published on 2NEWS.

In 2021, a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites listed the top trends in business. In a year that changed how people market themselves and their products, there are some new trends.

Read a clip from the article below:

Rebranding and Repositioning

We’ve seen many rebrands over the course of the pandemic as many companies look to reposition themselves for more purpose driven messaging and content.

In a day and age where consumers and readers are fighting fake news, truth and honesty is most important and many consumers want to ensure they are contributing to a company that is helping the cause and not worsening it.

From the rebranding of many companies to many solopreneurs looking for a ready made website for sale, 2021 was a year to reflect on to help better prepare all business owners for a successful upcoming year.

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